Wednesday, December 20, 2006

France's true colors

Sorry for the absence, darlings! I was really busy with my Darfur activism and NA Miami with Nidya, among other things. Less than a month ago, a French judge issued an arrest warrant on Rwandan President Paul Kagame along with nine of his associates of the shotting down of an aircraft that killed then President Juvenal Habyarimana and triggered the 1994 genocide. Yet despite that, France grants immunity to heads of states and there for can't make an arrest. As expected, Rwandan officials were inraged and broke diplomatic ties with France. For many years, Kagame has accused France on playing a role in the murder of the Tutsis, to which they keep dening and accusing Kagame of shotting down Habyarimana's plane. I would think that Kagame would have more brains and common sense not taking part in the President's assaination. Andrew Waills has written a book on France's role during the Rwandan genocide called ''Silent Accomplice: The Untold Story of France's Role in the Rwandan Genocide'' in which reveal' France's sinister role during the genocide by providing millitary, finacial, and diplomatic support to Hutu extremists doing the bulk of the killings. History won't judge France to kindy on it's secretive role in Rwanda's genocide.

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