Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Albert in New York

Our Rwandan director, Albert Nzamukwereka, landed in New York last weekend to spend three months as a guest of the International Center for Tolerance Education. You can read his very first impressions of the city at his blog which he has promised to keep updated.

We're very excited that Albert has had this opportunity. It is the first time that a Never Again volunteer has been able to work full time in a fully supported environment and the New York Never Again chapter are fully geared up to make sure he gets the most from the trip: meeting NGOs, networking, talking to schools as well of course as enjoying New York's vibrant social scene and food!

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Heddy said...

It is wonderful to have Albert here. Very tiring, but well worth the fatigue. I feel so blessed to work with such amazingly intelligent, warm, kind, dedicated, hard-working people like Albert, Marian, Jed, Abby, Kelly, etc here in the New York Chapter. Those kind of people are hard to find and now we've got a whole group of 'em!