Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dear Sudan,

MIAMI, USA: Dear Sudan,
I see your people suffering. Running away to escape hunger, illnesses, rape, and murder. There bodies cry out in pain but their souls screech out a horrable scream. A cry for help. The little children look like the living dead, with their infected bellies, stick thin arms and legs, flies despending on there faces. While I sleep on my cozy nested bed tonight, they lie down trying to make it thorugh another hour; another day. The world seemes to know whats happening, but all I hear is words: ''This is an humanitarn disater of biblical paportions'' or ''Were doing everything we can to stop this crisis'' I want to scream ''NO! Stop talking get off your ass and do something!'' True while there are people whom are speaking out and trying to do something, I fear this will be another case of internation apathy. I may not be doing much but I will do more. The world is seeing you suffer. We refuse to turn away in vain.
I hope this helps.

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Anonymous said...

Thoughtful letter, I must say. Hunger and illness are controversial conflicts, not only flesh-eating Africa, but other parts of the world too. Numerous people here do not know anything about what is taking place Sudan; little they hear on media makes greater sense. So called humanitarian workers are causing trouble rather than stopping. SEX-FOR-FOOD, OIL-FOR-FOOD, what else?
Sudanese citizens pray and collect charity as well for this crisis.