Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Darfur Watch

Last Tuesday: Security Council unanimously backs Darfur pact

"New York The UN Security Council unanimously approved aresolution Tuesday calling for strict observance of a new peace accordin Darfur and an acceleration of arrangements for a United Nationspeacekeeping force to replace the strapped African Union force now there."

Today: Outcry over Darfur a reaction to Rwanda, Nobel laureate says

"Mr. Wiesel, the world's best-known survivor of the Nazi genocide against Jews, said in an interview the great difference between Rwanda and the slaughter of people in Sudan's western Darfur region is that "Darfur came after Rwanda." People know, said Mr. Wiesel, that the one million killed in Rwanda could have been saved if there had been outside intervention. And they know that the hundreds of thousands killed -- and still being killed -- in Darfur could likewise be saved."

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