Saturday, May 20, 2006

One World U.S.

Should have posted this earlier but just getting around to it now.

May 2006 issue of One World US's E-Zine focuses on genocide. There are a lot of great articles and I highly encourage all members of Never Again to take a look at it. I especially recommend the article entitled "Capability to Protect". Yes, R2P is a great advance in thinking about our responsibility and building up political will among nations but to make "Never Again" a reality- we must build up our capability to protect... otherwise, R2P is rendered meaningless.

I also recommend "Interview with Amnesty International" in which our Crisis Prevention and Response Director. at AIUSA. AI has been doing great work on using satellite technology to develop an "early warning" response system to violent conflict. With politicians always citing "not enough evidence to use the term genocide" in their rationale for not stopping genocide- now we can use satellite pictures to provide evidence of violence on the ground. Hopefully all of this will be folded into genocide prevention work as a core strategy in both amassing political will and figuring out the best intervention strategy.

One World US is planning a Genocide Prevention Forum with UN Special Advisor Juan Mendez to take place in Washington, DC on September 27th. I will be on the planning committee representing Never Again. This forum will bring together experts in the field of genocide prevention to discuss how we can (physically) prevent and stop genocide as it is happening, using latest technologies and other capabilities the world has at our disposal. It is not really focusing on Never Again's expertise and current work of on-the-ground peacebuilding between individuals & communities putting youth at the forefront & center. Of course our work is an important component of "Never Again" but this is focusing on solutions that can, for example, stop the crisis in Darfur. I hope this will be a learning experience for Never Again as the planning committee has already indicated interest in mobilizing youth in this important endeavor. I will be reporting back with more information.

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