Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ideas for Darfur

A few weeks ago, I asked Frank, a friend, Never Again member in Kigali, Club coordinator and hopefully soon to become a blogger here, for his ideas about what could be done about Darfur. I've been meaning to put it here for some time, and now it is especially timely as the AU will meet next week:-

I think some of these procedures can be done at least we reduce their tears;

Starting by proposing youth committee from our club, hence we go to Sudan and meet with the groups of youth (eg: students) and sometimes their leaders , then we discuss with them on the mission we have as Never Again club. Finally we ask them while looking for the resolution on what they are facing.

Secondly is to organise forum discussing problems facing Sudan especially Darfur region, hence we find the solution together when we have Sudanies youth, representative of UN, AU and parts leading conflicts.Not only attending the forum but also we can give them the motion as discusant. Here is where as Rwandan Lion's share group [Frank's club that produces art and theatre to educate on genocide] we can pass to them the message through art what happened to our country, baden of Genocide and where we are currently.

Lastly for today is teaching Sudanies baden of divisionism (tribalism).

As Rwandan we enter in the 12 commemoration since Genocide happened to our country we don't will any other place to get the tears, we cry & commemorate what we do because of divisionism; let's remember 'only loving each other is where problems can be solved' and being notorious by killing each other will never bring peace and happiness of this world, let the peacekeepers take stong measures upon those who don't will to bring peace to Sudanies since I think UN & AU are huge body if they will and put in action what they can plan, eg disarming these killers.

Another is to add more troops for the sake of bringing peace if those who are there are not enough.

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